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This is the 4th of July! What a day of celebration, I am in my basement trying to keep my poor dog from going out of his mind from the fireworks going off. In the city we do not have much space. So when our neighbors fire off mortars they explode very near our house. Tomorrow our yard will be littered from the shell casings of spent fireworks. Of course this year the 4th came on a Saturday – so I am also working on retaining my subject for tomorrow’s sermon in the intermittent lull in booms.

I am sure that a lot of neighborhoods experience the joy of explosions on this blessed holiday. But I am not sure everyone is forced to hunker down as if a war were going on outside.


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Dr. Brown the pastor of Military Ave. Church in one of America's poorest neighborhoods since 1989 where he serves with his wife Barb. He holds D.min and M.div from Gordon-Conwell. He authored Justice Matters a book addressing compassion ministries among the poor. His children now grown still worship and serve at Military Ave. Church.
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