Tutoring Happens in the Fall and Winter

We always need tutors for even basic skills of elementary level reading, writing, and math. Our goal is to help our children succeed in their academics by completing their weekly assignments. We also want to share our faith and the character which grows out of our faith in Jesus Christ. Please consider joining us on Monday evenings.

We Pray

We Study

We play

Our Nightly Schedule – Monday Evenings

  1. We begin at 6:20 – some students arrive early
  2. We spend about 25 minuets in worship
  3. Then we Tutor for 45 to 50 minuets
  4. After we tutor we have a snack and free time
  5. We leave at 8:00

Our Cancellation Policy

Tutoring is canceled for March 13 because of snow.

We cancel tutoring whenever Detroit Public Schools cancels for weather. We do not always cancel for Mondays when school is out. We keep our tutors updated regularly about our schedule.