Trucks – things that poor people must endure

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I cannot imagine that any suburban or middle class community would have to put up with the number of trucks that rumble up and down our neighborhood streets. Our community at one time fit the description of a middle class community. Our houses contain sign of leaded glass windows and fine woodwork which reveal a more comfortable past. Times have changed. My house, nearly a hundred years old sits on a street once lined with tall trees and splendid lawns. Once this neighborhood stood connected to factories where General Motors cars were produced. Now the space where cars were produced hold shipping containers that get loaded on semi-trucks. These trucks rumble up and down Livernois and Dragoon dividing our neighborhood creating a danger to anyone who wishes to traverse our neighborhood on foot, bicycle, or car.

In the last few years MDOT or whoever is in charge of traffic control removed traffic lights to create an swift path for the trucks from their plazas to I75. Trucks speed down residential roads unhindered by any traffic sign or light to slow their progress through our neighborhood. Some of our church members live along these streets. They explain that their houses tremble as the semis pass their homes. I have attempted to walk my dog across these streets and have been nearly hit by trucks turning a corner and riding upon the sidewalk because the streets were not intended to handle their radius.

What always goes through my mind as I cross these roads sometimes ten times daily, where else could such disregard for a community be tolerated. Since our community consists mainly of poor families, living in poor homes, no one stands against the deep pockets of the trucking magnets that create this bit of hell in our world. How shameful for the poor to be so mistreated! No other community would such a disregard for personal property, peace, and safety be ignored. The multi-millionaire trucking magnets that grease the palms of corrupt people to eliminate traffic lights, and create a thoroughfare through a neighborhood, these possess power. While the poor urban dweller must put up with the rumbling, danger, and noise of the trucks that rob our peace.

Oh those who grind the face of the poor, the LORD sees and shall answer at the judgment seat. Go to your rich and howl for you have earned the misery that shall fall upon you.


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Dr. Brown the pastor of Military Ave. Church in one of America's poorest neighborhoods since 1989 where he serves with his wife Barb. He holds D.min and M.div from Gordon-Conwell. He authored Justice Matters a book addressing compassion ministries among the poor. His children now grown still worship and serve at Military Ave. Church.
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