Every Christian ministry needs Spiritual support given by our LORD as we call upon His name for help. Please keep us in your prayers and look at the list below for some guidance. Thank you so much, often we know that the success in a given work is supported by the LORD's Spirit as people pray for us.

    • Pray for our wisdom We currently are considering adding a soup kitchen to our ministry. We know that many people in our community go hungry and some do not have the resources to cook meals. So we at this time we sent some of our interested members to investigate what it would take to operate such a ministry. Please pray for the LORD’s guidance in this matter.
    • Pray for our youth — many of our children face rough circumstances at home and in the community. They live surrounded by gross sin which is considered normal. Very few have the strength to withstand the temptations and pressures of the world around them. Pray that they come to know and grow in Spiritual strength and wisdom.
    • For our supporters to continue to offer us the resources needed to help as many people as we can. Most of our financial support, volunteers, and supplies come from individuals and churches – pray fro their strength.
    • Pray for our future MDOT may build a bridge that could change our ministry. We have no firm information but have been praying for the LORD’s leading for the future which He already knows.